Tao of Color & BloodyCuts.co.uk presents:

The 'Grade-Along' Training System

Are you tired of flailing while color correcting? End the confusion
and learn to color grade video like a professional.

It’s Like Flight School… for Color Correction!

Resolve 9, Premiere Pro CS 6, Final Cut Pro 7

Stop being intimidated by DaVinci Resolve’s powerful ‘instrument panel’

You can’t learn to fly DaVinci Resolve (or DaVinci Resolve Lite) if you don’t know its ‘instrument panel’. We’ll train you on the essentials of Resolve’s interface in only a few hours. Then move to Step 2 where you’ll get a ‘flight plan’ to understand when to use each instrument.

Become confident: Develop your color grading workflow in our ‘Grading Simulator’

How can you really learn to color grade if you don’t have a System you’ve practiced? You can’t. That’s why we bundle a 130-shot short film for practice… you’ll learn color correction using Tao of Color’s ‘Grade-Along System’. It’s a ‘grading simulator’ for DaVinci Resolve (and Resolve Lite). 

Make your Simulator training count: Get specific feedback of your work from your instructor

It’s not possible to learn to fly safely (and with confidence) if you don’t have an instructor who can spot bad tendencies. That’s why we round out your training with personal feedback on your work in our ‘Grading Simulator’. Yes, you have direct access to your instructor. 

How to Stop Fumbling and Start Color Correcting (like a Pro)

You know the problem: The longer you color correct a shot the more lost you become. You feel like you’re running in circles. The next day you look at the same shot again. It’s still wrong, but now you think you see how to fix it. Only you’re not quite confident about your results.

It’s time to end this madness! Tao of Color.com’s Grade-Along can teach you a skill that will make you more valuable to your clients and separate you from your peers.

Find out why color grading is a great skill to have…

Beyond the Interface: How to Practice Your DaVinci Resolve Skills

Colorist & DirectorDon’t we all have this same problem? After taking a training class or reading a training book, unless we have a good project to practice our new-found skills, we quickly forget everything we’ve learned! What would be truly useful is training that bundles a real short film that has a real client who has a real vision that will challenge us to move out of our comfort zone. It would force us to color grade with a distinct vision in mind.

Tao of Color’s Grade-Along . . . you get more than just a couple of shots to flail around on. You get a client, Director Ben Franklin, who has a specific vision for you to execute. And if you get lost? Pull up one of our Shot-by-Shot color grading videos to see how Colorist (and your Mentor) Patrick Inhofer color graded each shot.

Read how the Grade-Along Trains Your Brain…

How the Tao’s Heads-Up Display keeps you on track

There are a ton of elements a colorist needs to keep track of when grading a film like Dead’s Man Lake. Especially when you’re trying to learn from video tutorials. Don’t settle for static wide-screens (or simple close-ups) of the entire User Interface. Instead, check out the Tao of Color’s constantly updating Heads-Up Display – which shows precisely what your colorist is concentrating on, while never letting you get lost.

Discover other nifty features of the Grade-Along…

Buy Only the Training You Need

Dead Man’s Lake: The Grade-Along comes in two packages:

‘Grade-Along’ Simulator Training

10 Hours of Guided Shot-by-Shot Video Color Correction Training

Dead Man's Lake Training LessonsIf you know DaVinci Resolve 9 – or have bought DaVinci Resolve 9 training elsewhere – then you can purchase just the Simulator Training.

This includes all project files, Arri Alexa camera-original footage and over 10 hours of Dead Man’s Lake video tutorials.

You’ll start with listening in on the initial Skype call with the Director and Editor about their vision for the color grade. Then you’ll read the emails we shared about: Visual effects, deliverables and the rough cut. You can download the script and use the reference images I pulled from other movies within DaVinci Resolve.

From there we’re off to the races: You’ll learn the Tao’s System for testing ’roundtrip’ workflows and have plenty of instruction on our 3-Step Approach to color grading a film in need of a Look. In all, it’s over 10 hours of instruction as you grade Dead Man’s Lake alongside me.

BONUS 1 – Tao of Color Grading’s The Fundamentals of Color Correction Video- A 60+ Minute presentation on the fundamentals of color correction teaching: How our visual system actively tries to defeat our ability to objectively see our images; tips on how to view your images as objectively as possible; how to read a waveform monitor; how to use Parade Scopes as an objective color grading tool; and lots more…

BONUS 2 - Cinegrain 125: Tao of Color Edition - Core Training members have the ability to buy the Cinegrain’s 125 clip 2K Scan Series of authentic film grain at a substantial discount. This is a custom collection of film scans just for Tao of Color members… and it’s offered at a discount not available anywhere elsewhere! ($150 value)

This training is compatible with both DaVinci Resolve 9 and DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite!

Color Correction Flight School

Add DaVinci Resolve 9 Essentials Training for the full Tao Training System

Resolve 9 Essential Training MenuIf you need to learn DaVinci Resolve 9 or DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite, then Color Correction Flight School is for you. It includes six additional hours of Resolve v9 Lessons ripped from Tao of Color’s DaVinci Resolve Masterclass. The included tutorials were hand-picked to ensure you’ll be able to understand and execute everything that’s done in the Grade-Along and gain a strong understanding of how to color grade in Resolve.

And in addition to the Bonus offered to Grade-Along: Core Training members, Premium members get access to:

Premium BONUS 1: Personal Feedback - This bonus rounds out the Color Correction Flight School. You’ll get personal feedback on your color grading of Dead Man’s Lake. You’ll submit your work for a  FREE round of Personal Feedback by your trainer, colorist Patrick Inhofer. He’ll help you spot bad tendencies and offer actionable advice on how to improve your grade. He’ll also point out what you’re doing right. But this service is only available to Flight School members.

Premium BONUS 2: Cinegrain 425: Tao of Color Edition - Premium Edition members have the ability to buy the Cinegrain’s 425 clip Master Series of authentic film grain at a massive discount. The discount itself is worth several times the cost of the Grade Along: Premium Edition… and it’s not available anywhere elsewhere! ($1,500 value!)

This training is compatible with both DaVinci Resolve 9 and DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite!

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