Build your color correction confidence
and learn a skill you can sell!

Don't just follow, get personal feedback!
Systematically learn a complete color correction workflow.


Do you ever wonder: Am I color correcting properly?

Stop feeling lost—or randomly tweaking sliders! The Colorist Flight School Color Correction Home Study System gives you answers.

Designed for editors, cinematographers, colorists, directors, photographers and their assistants.

Remastering 'Mother Died'
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How to Start Color Correcting (like a Pro)

Stop watching.    Start doing.

(and build your color correction muscle memory)

Colorist Flight School starts with button / widget learning but takes it to the next level—helping you burn that learning into your muscles.

Here's how:

  • Color correct an entire short film (5 minutes, 80+ Shots, 4 Scenes, 3 Looks)
  • Download the camera-original footage (RED or ProRes444)—then color correct it yourself
  • Shot-by-shot, sit with the colorist—be there as the film is color corrected
  • Submit your corrections for real-life video feedback from our instructor
  • Ask questions. Get answers.

The 3-Step

Colorist Flight School Home Study System

(build your color correction muscle memory
 then grow your color correction confidence)

Step 1: DaVinci Resolve 'Instrument Training'

Start by learning DaVinci Resolve 10 or DaVinci Resolve 11.

  • Pick your color corrector

    Is your team still using DaVinci Resolve 10? You’ll get 6 hours of training on the core toolset. Are you jumping directly into DaVinci Resolve 11? Our Deep Insights training is 14-hours of Resolve 11 interface exploration.

  • Learn Your Color Corrector

    Our interface training provides its own footage, so you can follow along and learn your ‘instrument panel’. We’ll show you the buttons, sliders and widgets you *need* to know, and then you’ll be able to fully follow along in the Grade-Along.

  • Ask Questions, Get Answers

    Lesson pages have group comments to communicate with your mentor / trainer. Ask questions to get answers. And learn from the questions others have asked before you.

  • Move easily from Resolve 10 to Resolve 11

    Do you already know Resolve 10? Watch the included Resolve 11 for Resolve 10 Colorists and learn the new stuff fast. You’ll also get our 14-hour Resolve 11 Deep Insights training to use as your video reference manual.

  • Download the Table of Contents: Resolve 11 Deep Insights


    Click and download the full course description of this 14-hour training series.Over 14 hours and 140 individual movies. We start with setting up a system, move into preparing a project and then systematically hit every major toolset and feature.

    Don’t take our word for it: Click and download the full course description of this 14-hour training series.

Step 2: Color Correction 'Flight Simulator'

Develop motor skills with seriously productive practice—(almost**) everything is included.

  • Download a Real-Life Project

    Practicing on random images has very little value. Practicing on a real job with real clients and real-world problems?

    That is a color correction simulator.

  • Shot-by-Shot Guidance

    Sit down with a professional colorist and watch him color correct the entire short film… from the moment the hard drive is dropped off to final render. If you get stuck, see how he does it.

  • Camera-Original Media

    Download and color correct high-quality camera-original footage. Slow internet connection? Try the smaller proxy files. Half the file size, fully grade-able.

  • **Super-fast Internet Connection Not Included

    We deliver 8 minutes of high-quality ProRes444 and/or RED .r3d camera original footage per short film on Mother Died. You’ll need a decent internet download connection to download the 15 – 40 GB of source material and Lesson videos. (Smaller proxy files are available—but even then, faster-than-DSL download speeds are recommended.)

Step 3: Get Personal Feedback

Upload your project files, get video feedback, build your color correction confidence!

  • Upload Your Project

    You have the exact same footage as your instructor and we’re both using the same software. Use our ticketing system to send your project to your instructor for personal feedback.

  • Get Instructor Feedback**

    Think of your instructor as your staff senior colorist. He’ll look over your uploaded project and record your own personal Video Tutorial. Learn what you’re doing right and get actionable feedback on where to focus for improvement

  • 2 Rounds of Feedback**

    Email your project, early in the process—while doing your base grade—and then again after you’ve created your Look. It’s a completely unique online training experience.

  • **Feedback Limitations

    Feedback is limited to projects bought and downloaded here on and Colorist Flight School. Each short film includes 2 rounds of video feedback.

Move from 'know-how' to muscle memory

With the 'Colorist Heads-Up Display'—always know what your colorist is looking at

Move from button know-how
to muscle-memory Instinct.

You know there's more to color correction than learning the buttons. Colorist Flight School simulates a color correction session—giving you the repetition you need to build muscle memory that will stay with you.

Practice shot balancing, shot matching, Look creation, conforming a timeline and more...

Does Our Home Study Work?
Here's What Your Peers Are Saying:

While working on my own after the lesson . .  I attempted to complete the Base Grade as fast I usually have to for work.  It was amazing to see how far off I got in the last three sections to the detriment of crushing some blacks detail and adding noise just by using tools for purposes that I am not used to.  Super helpful twist to get me out of my habits.

Thanks for your video response which was quite helpful...

Jason B., Editor, Colorist | emailing about the 'Remastering Mother Died' Home Study
Jamie JT Trent

You’re a legend brother. The way you do your tutorial, the email support and your attitude about dealing with questions is 100% on the ball and you are doing a great service to all the people out there who want to learn.

You are representing colorists and you’re really giving back in ways that few others are prepared to give.

Thanks for everything you have to offer.

Jamie JT Trent
Cinematographer, Colorist
City, State
Smita Hanley

Being able to really see the actual steps that need to be taken as you go along and things come up is invaluable. This is an actual training course not just button location.

Now, as I continue to work with Resolve, I really do think of you and your thorough training as I move around freely in the program. Your training comes from a generous heart that really actually invites others into the art of grading.

Thanks again!

Smita Hanley
Editor, Colorist, Filmmaker
Garden City, N.Y.
Robert J Castaldo

I’m lovin’ the Grade Along.

The Resolve Essentials were very helpful in giving me confidence in my ability to operate this powerful program. Your method and style of teaching is very effective, and you “real world” approach really drives home the practicality of the skills.

Yesterday, I prepped a Media Composer AAF for color grading a local facility. I wanted to test the process before I delivered the elements. I had problems. In the beginning it felt like they might be insurmountable. Nothing seemed to work. However, I just kept working it, as I saw you doing in [Episode 2 of 'Dead Mans Lake']. Eventually, I was able to solve all my issues and generate an accurate Resolve session.

I delivered my elements to the Colorist and just received a phone call from him telling me that everything looks great.

Thanks to the training, I look like I know what I’m doing. I’m excited about completing the course.

Robert J Castaldo
Director, Editor, Instructor
Dallas, Texas

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