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Our Home Study Always Feature:

  • Self-paced Study: Train at your speed, on your schedule. Membership never expires, there are no deadlines.
  • Tao fo Color's Color Correction Heads-Up-Display
  • Two rounds of personal feedback: Email Patrick your project files... he'll record your own personal review session
  • 720p iPad-compatible training videos
  • Fully tagged videos for iTunes organization
  • Extensive chapter markers for easy navigation of Lesson videos
  • Interactive: Our training has a dedicated web page for questions (and answers)
Colorist Patrick Inhofer talking to camera

Your instructor, colorist Patrick Inhofer, explaining the concept of Hero Shots

A message from Patrick to you!

Thanks for visiting TaoOfColor.com! I'm extremely proud of Colorist Flight School. After years of fielding phone calls from editors, D.Ps, filmmakers and aspiring colorists wanting to sit next to me as I work... I finally decided to create this Home Study.

I've done my best to replicate what it would be like, learning at my side.

You'll see my mistakes. And how I fix them. You'll learn my precise workflow for every job I do... from footage ingest to final delivery. I leave nothing out.

The icing on the cake? You don't have to sit in limbo wondering if you're color correcting this film correctly. You can use the Lesson Pages to ask questions (and get answers). You can send me your project files, and get personal video feedback letting you know where you're succeeding and where you need to focus more attention.

Go ahead, join me. I can't wait to work with you and be your Senior Colorist! Together, we'll rid this planet of ugly looking images (unless we purposely make them that way).



P.S. - In case you're wondering, here's my IMdB profile of my feature film and documentary work

Remastering Mother Died 
Home Study Includes:

  • 25 GB of REDCode .r3d Camera Original Footage
  • Alternate 8 GB of ProRes4444 transcoded camera footage—for slower internet connections
  • Fully edited 7 minute short film
  • Over 7 hours of step-by-step, shot-by-shot training—featuring Tao's color correction H.U.D.
  • DaVinci Resolve 10 Fundamentals—almost 5 hours of Resolve and Resolve Lite training
  • Fully compatible with DaVinci Resolve 10 and DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite (the free version)
  • DaVinci Resolve 11 Deep Insights—over 14 hours of Resolve and Resolve Lite training
  • Fully compatible with DaVinci Resolve 11 and DaVinci Resolve 11 Lite (the free version)

Remastering Mother Died 
Includes these BONUSES:

We've partnered with others to bring you almost $400 in savings!

  • 10% Discount on FilmConvert: A film emulation plug-in for DaVinci Resolve (and other post-production software packages)
  • 25% Discount on Indie Essentials: High-quality, downloadable, practical visual effects that work with almost all post-production software
  • Introductory pricing to MixingLight.com: A color correction membership website featuring a steady stream of short tutorials and Insights.
  • 20% Discount on ScopeBox: Amazingly affordable and powerful software scopes for the Mac
  • 30% Discount on the 'CineGrain 125 Tao of Color Bundle': A package of 125 authentic film scans of film grain, film distress and film effects quicktime movies
  • 20% Discount on Resolve Collect: Resolve Collect copies source files used in a DaVinci Resolve project (Media Pool or Timeline) to a single destination using a DaVinci Resolve Project (.drp) file
  • 20% Discount at Ripple Training: Want another 6 hours of DaVinci Resolve 10 training? We've partnered with Ripple to get you a discount on their 12-hour Resolve 10 interface training
  • Resolve 11 for Resolve 10 Colorists: A nearly 2-hour video updating Resolve 10 colorists on the new features and workflows in Resolve 11

Software & Hardware Requirements

Click to see the Software Requirements for this Home Study Course +

Remastering Mother Died Home Study requires ONE of the following software:

  • DaVinci Resolve 10 software
  • DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite software
  • DaVinci Resolve 11 software
  • DaVinci Resolve 11 Lite software

To find out if you can run DaVinci Resolve (or DaVinci Resolve Lite), these are the Hardware Requirements:

Optional Software

In one of the Lessons you’ll be provided an XML for:

  • Final Cut Pro X

You do not need Final Cut Pro X – unless you want to precisely follow along everything I’m doing to prepare and review the timelines in that NLE.

But the XMLs I generate from Final Cut Pro X are provided to you as part of the Home Study. You’ll be able to import the into DaVinci Resolve 10 or DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite the XMLs you see me create.


This Home Study makes use of or provides discounts for all the vendors listed below. Nothing in this Home Study has been approved, reviewed, endorsed, sponsored or is in any way affiliated with these vendors:

  • Blackmagic Design
  • Apple, Inc.
  • Tangent
  • RED
  • Indie Essentials / That Studio
  • Cinegrain
  • Divergent Media
  • Ripple Training
  • FilmConvert


This Home Study is affiliated with the vendors listed below. TaoOfColor.com has received tangible benefits from its association with these vendors. They’re awesome!

  • BloodyCuts.co.uk
  • Flanders Scientific
  • MixingLight.com

Licensing Permissions and Restrictions

By purchasing this Home Study you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (click to open) +

As part of your purchase you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

You agree not to share, upload, resell, or otherwise include any of the material you access on this website for any purpose other than described below:

  • You may integrate ‘Mother Died’ into professional demo reels, including the Before and After images.
  • You may use ‘Mother Died’ in private color grading demonstrations for potential or existing clients.

  • You are licensed to use this training for one individual… either yourself, or a singular employee / freelancer (which would make you an AWESOME employer).

In addition to the above, you agree to the following restrictions upon your usage of the short film  ‘Mother Died’ and its associated training videos:

  • You agree NOT to upload substantial, continuous parts or the entirety of this short film to ANY online service.
  • You agree not to enter this film into any film festivals or awards competitions (including craft awards).
  • You agree not to submit your name to IMdB (or any other film credit service) for ‘Mother Died’ as ‘colorist’, ‘digital colorist’, ‘online editor’ or similar credit.
  • ‘Mother Died’ is provided to you under licensed agreement between Fini.tv, Inc. and BloodyCuts.co.uk. Except for the rights granted to you herein, BloodyCuts.co.uk reserves all rights to the provided film, script, audio and any other ‘Mother Died’ materials provided by them to you for the purposes of this educational training.
  • Mixing Light, LLC is the owner of Resolve 11 Deep Insights and is provided to you under a licensing agreement. The Deep Insights training may not be used for any purpose other than the educational purpose of a single individual. It may not be resold, repackaged, reuploaded in any way, whether for profit or free.
  • Tao of Color, Inc. is the owner of TaoOfColor.com and this color correction Home Study Course. All rights to all materials not retained by BloodyCuts.co.uk or Mixing Light, LLC are retained by Tao of Color, Inc..

I thank you in advance for abiding by these reasonable terms and conditions… which allow me to devote the 7 weeks it took to create this training, build out this website and another 6 weeks to create the Resolve 11 Deep Insights training. By following the above rules and restrictions you can be assured this type of training will continue to be developed here at the TaoOfColor.com.

Enjoy it.

Have fun!

You Have Two Ordering Options:

Option 1: Order the USB-3 Thumb-drive

Order the pre-loaded 64 GB USB-3 Thumb-drive

This Home Study is based upon extremely high-quality footage, that are large in size.

If you total up all Camera Original footage, ProRes Proxies (for the alternate non-RED workflow), Home Study Lessons and Exercise movies and additional Assets (XMLs, reference movies and bonus materials) you'll be downloading over 46 Gigabytes of footage!

That's a lot of downloading.

Skip the Download, Get the Thumb-drive
If you're a U.S. resident, we offer a pre-loaded 64GB USB-3 Thumb-drive!

It contains EVERYTHING you need to complete this Home Study.

Buy the thumb-drive when ordering the Home Study and save $10 over ordering it later.

Website Membership Also Included (and required)
You'll still need to access the Members-only section of our website. Every Lesson and Exercise movie has a dedicated web page, with additional reading materials and links to external websites.

If you have questions or comments, you'll be able to visit the dedicated web pages and interact with me and your fellow Home Study members.

Plus - if you take advantage of having your color correction work reviewed by me, you'll need to access our Members-only Help area to upload your project files.

Option 2: Save if you have SUPER-FAST Internet

ALERT: This Home Study requires the download of MANY really big files!!!

REDCode Footage Details for Mother Died

Camera-original and sensor details as shown in REDCine-X Pro for Mother Died

5 minutes of 5:1 5k REDCode  footage with a data rate of 84 MB per second is one really really BIG download. Just under 31 GB, to be precise.

GIG – a – Bytes.

The ‘Mother Died’ camera-original footage is broken up into several smaller chucks for download purposes.

Also – every training video needs to be downloaded. Even though the Lessons have been compressed to 720p, my training tutorials are long and average an hour each. It’s a lot of Gigs to download.

Here are the download totals:

  • Mother Died Camera Original Footage: REDCode, 5k, 5:1 24fps | 29 GB download
  • Resolve 10 Fundamentals Lesson Videos: 3.2 GB download
  • Remastering Mother Died Lesson Videos: 4.5 GB download

Optional, Alternate Download Plan

If the 5k REDCode camera originals are too big for you to download, I’ve transcoded the footage down to 1080p24 ProRes4444.

This will preserve the color fidelity of the images and reduces the download requirements by 60%.

An additional benefit of the ProRes444 transcodes: If you have trouble getting acceptable frame rates for playback using the REDCode footage, the ProRes444 will reduce the overhead of the Debayering that REDCode requires and MAY (should) improve playback performance.

  • Mother Died Camera Original Footage: ProRes444 1080p24 | 9 GB download
  • If you use this option you do NOT need to download the REDCode footage, can still follow the Grade-Along completely and will save 20GB of downloading.

Got a Slow Internet Connection?

US Residents: Consider upgrading to hard drive delivery - We now offer Thumb-drive delivery of the entire Remastering Mother Died Home Study course, for US residents only.

Non-US Residents… If your internet connection can’t handle big downloads like this... in the near future we hope to support International Shipping as well.

From a Home Study member:

I just wanted to let you know how useful I've found your training (and I'm not even near done, STILL have dead mans lake), along with the fact it has helped me land my first few freelance color jobs.

Between your Home Study courses and my previous quarter subscription to MixingLight.com, I've learned so much about color correction that it's helped me determine that I'd like to work with color and online finishing as a FT career.

- Jason Bowdach, Editor | Colorist
North Hollywood, California

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Remastering Mother Died
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Resolve 10 & Resolve 11

Remastering Mother Died
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* New Lessons / Exercises may be added to the Home Study, which will require downloading

** Current fulfillment time before Shipping: 2-5 Business Days

*** Shipped via USPS Priority Mail (estimated 3-day shipping, with tracking number)

**** Contact us for custom shipping options outside the United States (not available to the EU)

Frequently Asked Questions

Mother Died seems like an interesting film - but I'll never have to color correct a zombie film and I'm not sure if this will teach me anything.
Here's the thing about creating Looks, for any genre - the process is as important as the specific technique for creating a specific Look. In other words, it doesn't matter what kind of Look I'm trying to create - I always have create them from the same starting point. Most of this training focuses on getting you to the starting point for creating a Look. Also - as I say elsewhere on this website - you don't know what you don't know . . . clients have a way of asking for things you never imagined them asking for. Use this project as a way of stretching your boundaries for a crazy client request you never thought you'd have to execute. You'll become a much better colorist for having done it.

RE: Mother Died Look - Mother Died actually has three distinct Looks we'll be creating. What's important in creating the Mother Died Looks are the techniques we use... which can be applied over and over again to achieve a multitude of varying Looks.

Besides - as they say, "If you don't have a target you'll always miss it". For this training, our target is both a Dreamy/Beauty Look and a Post-Apocolyptic Zombie Look. What could be more fun?

I'm going to be buying the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which comes bundled with DaVinci Resolve 10. But I plan on shooting RAW, will this Home Study help me understand how to grade that RAW footage?
GREAT question! Mother Died was shot on a RED Epic and you have the option of downloading the .r3d RAW files. And my method for grading REDCode is very similar for grading the RAW CinemaDNGs recorded by the BlackMagic cameras.

One thing you should be aware of: I tend to spend very little time in the Camera RAW controls in Resolve's 'Color' page. I tend to set my initial settings project-wide and then color correct normally. It's just a much faster way of working - and as a professional colorist, speed counts. But a few times I do jump into the RAW controls to check to see if I'm missing blown-out details.

I only want to buy the Remastering Mother Died training. I don't need the DaVinci Resolve 10 training. Can I buy the Home Study without it?

The short answer: No.

The reasoning: I find that students who don't want to buy the Resolve Fundamentals training don't use Resolve the way I do and, while competent on DaVinci Resolve, have many questions about how I do things. Rather than typing long answers it's much easier to say, "Go to Lesson 4 and your question is answered at the 29-minute marker".

So no, every Home Study is a complete package and can't be bought in smaller pieces. It ensures an overall better experience for both of us.

Wait? Personal Feedback?

Personal Feedback is included with EVERY Home Study purchase. I created to the Home Study to be the kind of training I wish I had when I first started learning software-based color correction 14 years ago. In my opinion, the real value in this training is the Feedback portion—letting you know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

After all, that's what your clients are going to do - give you feedback on a continual basis. How can I simulate a color correction session for you if you don't have the opportunity for feedback on Mother Died?

What's the deal with the two rounds of Personal Feedback?

In my experience, young colorists go wrong at two different points in the color grading process:

  • First, in the initial color balance and shot matching.
  • Second, in the subsequent building of a Look

And that's where you'll get those two rounds of Personal Feedback from me... after the Lesson on initial balancing and shot matching. And then again after the Lesson on color grading the final timeline.

Here's an important point: If you want Personal Feedback on the finished Look you MUST first submit to me your initial Shot Matching project. If you were your Senior Colorist I'd always insist on evaluating your base color corrections. They form the foundation of your finished product. This Home Study reflects my emphasis on this aspect of teaching color grading.

Can I use your Personal Feedback for my Demo Reel or other personal / professional project?
No. I only provide Personal Feedback for short films here in Colorist Flight School.

I am a member of your DaVinci Resolve MasterClass, can I get Personal Feedback in there?
Yes! Members of Tao of Color's DaVinci Resolve MasterClass may request a Personal Critique of Dead Man's Lake or Mother Died.

That CineGrain Bonus Is Awesome! What's the final pricing and what clips do they include?
Home Study members get access to a custom selection of 125 Cinegrain Film Grains, Looks, Scratches, Flares and more for $349, a discount of $150. This Tao of Color Collection is licensed to you under the Freelance Licensing terms - meaning you can use them on any job, at any budget, anywhere. You're just not allowed to transfer the entire contents to any drive other than what you own. These licensing terms are only available from Cinegrain for the Tao of Color Collection... which, you guessed it, is only available from within this Grade-Along via a link on our Membership Site. Right-Click to download the full list of clips for the Cinegrain 125 Tao of Color Collection.

Do I need to purchase Cinegrain to use your training?
Nope. Absolutely not! I love pointing my members to free resources. In this case, I show you how to get some free sample clips from Cinegrain. And since their sample clips are watermarked, I also point you to GorillaGrain which will also send you free sample clips... which aren't watermarked. The GorillaGrain is much different than the grain I use - but the point isn't to completely mimic me, the point is to learn how to use grain and the free GorillaGrain clips will work perfectly for that purpose.

I'm not just new to Resolve, I'm also new to grading. I barely know what a histogram is and certainly don't know how to read and interpret it. Is the Grade-Along still the right thing for me?
The Bonus 'Why is color grading so hard?' video that you'll get with this training precisely addresses your concerns.

On this topic I'm willing to offer another 'No Ying-Yang' Guarantee: After watching the Fundamentals Video and seeing me grade Mother Died you'll fully understand how to use scopes. If not - email me and we'll chat about what's confusing you. Then, I'll create bonus training to share with everyone taking the Home Study to eliminate any remaining confusion. If you do this training, you'll learn how to read scopes. That's a No Ying-Yang Guarantee!

I am an offline editor with 20 years under my belt, but I feel I lack grading skills and really want to learn resolve. I love the look of the grade along but how much of basic colour theory is covered in this course?
I LOVE this question. Here's the deal - you and your assistant are PRECISELY the people I created this training for. Tons of basic theory. And I suspect after going through the whole Home Study, you'll find plenty to bring back with you to whatever non-linear editing system you're using.

One point about color theory: I teach the theory I feel a young colorist needs to know to get comfortable at the craft. This Home Study is designed to be useful to professionals working under deadlines in client-driven environments. It's focused on the theory you can put into action, today. There's a whole world of color theory that is useful to colorists but only after they've got the basics down. This Home Study is about drilling the basics.

What's the deal with Resolve 10 Fundamentals Training?

I've recorded almost 5 hours of Resolve 10 Fundamentals training. Like previous Grade-Along and Masterclass training I've done, this training will lecture-style... meaning that each Resolve training video is 35-70 minutes in length. I cover 7 broad topics (DeepStart, Preferences, Primaries, Secondaries, Power Windows, Tracking, Nodes, Advanced Concepts) and dig deep into each topic.

As usual, the videos are heavy with Chapter markers so you can find and jump to the sections you want if you're looking for specific information.

Holy smokes that's a ton of downloading… can I buy 'Mother Died: The Grade-Along' on a hard drive?

I expect to be offering sales of this training on a hard drive as an Add-On purchase in June, 2014. But only to residents of the United States. I need to gauge demand and how well it works before opening it to non-US residents. I also need to figure out how to deal with things like VAT taxes… which are more complicated to deal with than you'd think (and don't work as easily for us outside the EU as many EU residents believe).

What type of videos do you deliver for the Lessons?
Quicktime m4v. These videos can be played off your desktop via Quicktime Player or in iTunes. They are also iPad compatible - so you don't have to waste time transcoding them.

How large are the downloadable Lessons?
A typical Lesson runs about 50 minutes, which is 512MB. I compress these videos and upload them zipped, which can save up to 40MB per video. Yes, these are big downloads.

I want to buy the Home Study but won't be able to start for a few weeks. Is this training self-paced? Do I have to complete it in a set period of time? Does it expire?
This training is designed with the working professional in mind. You can start it at any time - now or in the future. Even after the Mother Died title is taken off the market you will have full and continuing access to it. I do recommend you take the time to download the Lessons, so you will always have a backup. Your access to this training will last for as long as Tao of Color is a going concern.

Hey! I think my short film will make a great Grade-Along! Are you interested?
Yes! Always. Send us an email. That's how our relationship with BloodyCuts.co.uk started - from an email. And we license the film from you, meaning you get a percentage of every sale we make - making the Tao of Color a unique way to recoup some or all of your costs.

There are many factors that we consider before deciding on using a short film: Genre (if it's a horror film, our plate is full of those for the next 12 months!), length, quality of story, quality of images, overall production value, and most importantly... what are the unique color grading challenges presented by your short film versus what we've offered before or have coming down the pipeline? You, as a filmmaker, won't know what we have planned or even what we've done before - so make your case when sending us the link to your film and we'll give it serious consideration. It's also helpful if you've got a serious internet presence to help spread news of the Grade-Along far and wide.

Are the videos annotated in some way?
In the Resolve 10 training, each of the video downloads have chapter markers. They are also tagged with iTunes metadata so they are nicely grouped under a single 'TV Show' collection - keeping things neat and tidy.

The Grade-Along training is heavily marked up with Chapters... literally Shot-byShot. And those videos are grouped in iTunes as a different TV Show collection - keeping things nice and tidy.

What kind of internet connection will I need?
The short answer: As fast as possible. The long answer: The 'Mother Died' short film of RED footage is itself a 28 GB download (split across 8 smaller download packages). The ProRes4444 transcodes are 8GB.

Each of the Lesson downloads will be anywhere from 300 MB to 1.5 GB in size. If you have metered internet... you'll want to plan how much you download in a given month. If you have a slow connection you'll want to consider if your connection can handle these downloads and if this Home Study is appropriate for you.

Do you use a control surface?
YES! In the Grade-Along most of the videos have me using the Tangent Elment control surface. I have a birds-eye camera trained on the control surface and when I'm using it, you'll see what my hands are doing. You'll definitely get a good sense of how much more quickly you can grade with a surface.

And if you plan on using a different surface - what you glean from me using the Tangent Element will translate neatly to whatever surface you intend to use.

If I use a mouse (not a control surface) will I be able to grade along?
Absolutely - in the last few videos I switch mostly to the mouse. In the earlier videos anything I do on the control surface can be replicated with a mouse using Resolve's 3-Way Color Wheels. And I sometimes switch from the surface to the mouse on the same shot - so you'll get to see me doing that as well.

What about the free version of DaVinci Resolve 10? Is your training compatible with that?
DaVinci Resolve Lite 10 is compatible with this training! The Lite version of Resolve doesn't restrict a single color correction process, technique, or feature - other than noise reduction. Everything else I teach in the Grade-Along is 100% compatible with DaVinci Resolve Lite.

Do you read off a script?
Ah, no. I do not. But I do work off a MindMap that is my outline. It keeps me on-track. And I do heavily edit my recordings to keep the pacing up. But this training is designed as if you were my Apprentice and we're sitting together and I'm talking to you. The conversational tone is important to me. Hopefully it works for you.

Are there student discounts?
No. But coupons are available if you search around the net. You can also sign up for Tao of Color's weekly newsletter... you can be sure a coupon code or two will be sent to subscribers.

If you're an instructor at an accredited institution, contact me. If you want to use it for an entire class, we can arrange a discount for your students.

Do I get to keep your training videos?
Yes! You can download the videos to your computer and keep them for as long as you wish. But you may not re-sell them, re-package them, upload them, or share them in any way. (But I didn't have to tell you that, did I? 🙂 ) Visit the page on Licensing and Permissions for exactly what you can and can not do with anything you download from this website.

Download to your computer

Resolve 10 & Resolve 11

Remastering Mother Died
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Resolve 10 & Resolve 11

Remastering Mother Died
64GB USB3 Thumb-Drive*

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    price includes shipping***

* New Lessons / Exercises may be added to the Home Study, which will require downloading

** Current fulfillment time before Shipping: 2-5 Business Days

*** Shipped via USPS Priority Mail (estimated 3-day shipping, with tracking number)

**** Contact us for custom shipping options outside the United States (not available to the EU)