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Remastering 'Mother Died'

The Goals of this Home Study:

• Color grading the short film Mother Died, two years after it was initially released. It's being completely remastered with new visual effects, new music and yes—a new color grade. Oh, and your clients are 1,000 miles away!

• Practice Creating Looks - We will create three distinct Looks, motivated by the story; from the warmth of upstairs to the ravaged Apocalypse outdoors.

• Color correct RED Epic camera originals - this film was shot on RED and you can download the RED .r3d camera original files! Plus we have ProResHQ visual effects shot.

• There's an alternate ProRes4444 workflow - if your computer chokes on .r3d files or the REDCode downloads are too large to manage, you can download the ProRes4444 version of the footage.

To LUT or Not To LUT? - Look Up Tables (LUTs) are all the rage. We do a full exploration of LUTs in this Grade-Along to help you learn when and where to use them. Or if you can ignore them all-togther?

• Bonuses! - what's a Home Study course without some awesome bonuses? We've lined up extra bonuses that can save you more on the 3rd-party add-ons than you'll spend for this entire color correction Home Study Course!

Watch.    Do.    LEARN.

In the Colorist Flight School Home Study, you're the Assistant sitting next to the colorist as he's training you to work the weekend shift. First he explains, then you DO - really drilling the lessons into your muscles.

Here's an example from Lesson 4, Part 1:

Does our system work?

“I’ve gone from “Yeah, I do color correction” to “I’m a Colorist.” Every lesson comes with at least a half dozen “holy shit” moments where my mind breaks through a barrier and I completely reinvent my approach to a session.

You’ve helped me to develop a system; a repeatable, step-by-step approach to grading that works for me. I’m grading faster, more effectively and producing infinitely better work with each new project. I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning so I can get to the office and get myself into the finishing suite. I’m still stunned at some of the imagery I’m creating.”

D. Anderson, Email about the Tao of Color Resolve MasterClass training

Why Color Correcting a Real Film
Helps You Learn DaVinci Resolve

Learn how to 'Bypass Your Brain'

Before you can start using your eyes, you need to learn how to bypass your brain—which keeps re-interpreting what your eyes see.

Yes, your eyes trick you! Usually, this is a good thing. But when we’re color correcting? It’s a curse. In this Home Study, learn techniques to build your confidence and how to approach color correction like a craftsman. You'll get much more confident in DaVinci Resolve and comfortable offering it as a service to new and existing clients.

Using scopes to evaluate an image

Using scopes to evaluate the image (featuring Divergent Media's ScopeBox)

Making primary adjustments in DaVinci Resolve 10 and the Tangent Element

Making primary adjustments in DaVinci Resolve 10 while using the Tangent Element

You'll build 'Muscle Memory'
for long-term retention

Much like editing, color correction is something you have to DO to learn; the steps in the process, organizing yourself, executing the moves… you need to do it to learn it.

Working on a real short film with over 80 shots – in multiple locations filmed over multiple days – requires you to keep executing actions over and over again. It helps you develop habits and familiarity with the software. You really learn where to find all the menu commands and keyboard shortcuts, get used to using your scopes to evaluate shot after shot after shot.

Go ahead: Join this Home Study to download Mother Died and start building your muscle memory!

Mother Died + DaVinci Resolve 10 or 11

Resolve10 iconDaVinci Resolve 11 TutorialsResolve 10 came was released in November, 2013 and Resolve 11 was released less than 9 months later! It's an industry standard color grading package that clients frequently request by name.

Colorist Flight School's unique Home Study approach to color grading is works with both versions of DaVinci Resolve 10 / 11 and DaVinci Resolve 10 / 11 Lite. We ease you into the 'Resolve way' of doing things.

  • Resolve 10 Fundamentals : Outline
    Resolve 10 Fundamentals : Outline

    As part of the Home Study you have access to almost 5 hours of DaVinci Resolve 10 training. Click the link to see a JPG of the course outline for Colorist Flight School's Resolve 10 Fundamentals. Once you join, you can download the actual MindMap for easy reference.

  • Resolve 11 Deep Insights : Table of Contents
    Resolve 11 Deep Insights : Table of Contents

    This Home Study also includes over 14-hours of DaVinci Resolve interface training. Click to download the full PDF with descriptions of all 140 movies. It's the most comprehensive interface training we've ever created... and it's designed specifically to get you up and running on our Grade-Along.

This excerpt shows how Colorist Flight School blends teaching DaVinci Resolve with the realities of real-life workflows and problems.

  • Resolve training designed specifically for Remastering 'Mother Died': Almost 5 hours of DaVinci Resolve 10 and over 14 hours of Resolve 11 training tailored for color correcting Mother Died. Everything you need to know to complete the full Home Study is contained in this package.
  • HD Workflow: This training focuses on common HD workflows - with 5k RED camera originals for an HD delivery.
  • DaVinci Resolve Lite Compatible!: This Grade-Along is 100% compatible with the free version of Resolve! Everything I teach in this Grade-Along can be executed with the Lite version. In fact, in the last few Lessons of the Grade-Along I switched to the Lite version just to prove the point. So... take the training now and get the full version of Resolve only when you actually need it.
  • Train Your Brain (and your hands): After taking the DaVinci Resolve 10 or 11 training, it's time to put those skills to use! Grade along with me on Mother Died as you drill keyboard shortcuts, menu shortcuts and the DaVinci Resolve methodology into your brain (and your hands). Trust me, you'll have a bloody good time with this short film!

Special Note: Mother Died + DaVinci Resolve 11

DaVinci Resolve 11 TutorialsResolve 11 offers significant refinements to Resolve 10 - but it's not a complete re-write... Resolve 11 is an evolution of the software not a revolution.

Recorded in Resolve 10, 'Remastering Mother Died' is all about craft and technique. Features unique to Resolve 11 won't be explored in this Grade-Along but there's nothing you'll be doing in Mother Died that you can't be done in the latest version of DaVinci Resolve.

    Watch 45 minutes of Lessons directly from Resolve 11 Deep Insights

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